Vice President LIU Yuanchun Attends Zhihui Beijing Aged Care Summit
(2017-02-23 08:02:50)

On the 17th of February, the 2017 Zhihui Beijing aged care summit was convened in Beijing, with the topic being “rebuilding an unbalanced aged care industry.” The summit was sponsored by the China National Democratic Construction Association and the Zhihui Aged Care 50-person Forum Alliance, and was hosted in partnership with RUC Zhihui Aged Care Research Institute, the Beijing Centre for Promoting the Aged Care Industry, and the Beijing Municipal Systems Engineering Research Centre.

Vice President LIU made a speech at the summit during which he conveyed congratulations on behalf of RUC to the forum, also noting the importance of researching issues related to aged care, and that a multi-disciplinary approach to researching these issues is necessary to address this urgent problem. Research in gerontology and the aged care industry is inseparable from population studies, economics, sociology, and social management, and RUC is making special efforts towards researching these issues, and to this end has created interdisciplinary research institutes to facilitate research in these areas. One such institute is the Zhihui aged care research institute which brings together information science, demography and management studies together to promote research towards ‘internet+’ gerontology.

In vice President LIU’s opinion, that the aging of Chinese society will have a profound macroeconomic impact, that the variable it will impact most is China’s savings rate. A lower savings rate implies a lower rate of investment, and this will have a significant impact on the momentum and speed of growth in China. At present China’s aged care industry is unsustainable as it is inadequate to meet future needs, and that the national strategy studies towards researching an aged care industry strategy to meet demand shows the need for structural reforms. At present the aged care industry has many shortcomings at both macro and micro levels, giving much room for improvement, and that in order to address these shortcomings requires the concerted efforts of government, industry, and academia, and requires the cooperation between theory and practice, and an interdisciplinary approach.

Many academics from different fields were present at the forum, and each gave new perspectives and penetrating insight into how to address these issues surrounding the aged care industry and gerontology.





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