Chairwoman JIN Nuo Leads Academic Tour of England, Deepening Academic Collaboration With Britain
(2016-10-05 08:10:04)

From 27-29th of September Renmin University Council Chairwoman JIN Nuo lead a group of representatives from Renmin University on a tour of some of Britain’s most prestigious academic institutions.

On the 27th, the group went to Oxford University. During this visit they met with Vice-Chancellor Louise Richardson, and both parties took the occasion to reflect on their history of exchanges in teaching and learning in the fields of law, philosophy, economics, international relations, English, PPE (an interdisciplinary degree in Philosophy, Politics and English), as well as confirm their commitment to lasting academic collaboration. Vice-Chancellor Richardson spoke with Chairwoman JIN about the previous collaborative experiences that Oxford has had with Chinese academic institutions. At the same time, JIN invited Richardson to attend the official celebration of Renmin University’s 80th Anniversary of the school’s founding, to be held in October next year.


Whist at Oxford University, Chairwoman JIN and the group visited The Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD) and had a meeting with the Centre’s Director Professor FU Xiaolan. In this meeting, Professor FU briefed Chairwoman JIN on the history of the Centre’s establishment and development. During the meeting, Chairwoman JIN also expressed hope that Oxford University’s TMCD would serve as fertile grounds for further collaboration and exchange between the two universities.

On the afternoon of the 27th, Chairwoman JIN and the group visited Oxford University’s Hertford College and Exeter College, and had a meeting with the Rector of Exeter College, Sir Richard “Rick” Trainor. Rector Trainor informed Chairwoman JIN of the history of Exeter College, its scholastic achievements, some of its distinguishing features, and the history of the collaboration between the two institutions in the field of PPE. Following, the representative group met with some high-level academics from Oxford University in such fields as philosophy, economics and international relations.


Oxford is the oldest university in the Anglophone world, and is widely recognised as one of the finest institutions of learning in the world. Renmin University has historically upheld the importance of building a collaborative partnership with Oxford University, and of continuously increasing support in scholar and student exchange programs. The two institutions have created desirable conditions conducive to facilitating a profound level of collaboration, and together have already made many great achievements in the fields of education and research. Furthermore, this experience in scientific research has provided the platforms necessary for high-level academic exchange and for the conditions essential for fostering the development of high-quality and talented innovators.

On the 28th of September, Chairwoman JIN and the group visited the Chinese Embassy in the UK, discussing the present situation of academic exchanges between China and the UK with Ambassador LIU Xiaoming, with a particular focus on exchanging ideas on how to strengthen ties between Renmin University and British universities and colleges. Chairwoman JIN expressed her gratitude towards Ambassador LIU and all the members of the Chinese Embassy in the UK for their support of Renmin University’s exchanges with the UK, and expressed that in the future Renmin University will continue its commitment to proactively developing academic exchanges and collaboration between China and the UK.


When visiting the UK, Chairwoman JIN also visited Renmin University alumni working at such organisations as the UK subdivisions of the Bank of China, the Industry and Commerce Bank of China, and China Construction Bank.

Director of the International Office ZHANG Xiaojing, Head of the Philosophy Department YAO Xinzhong, Deputy Director of the International Office CHANG Lüjie, and Dr Cathy ZHANG from the Institute for the Promotion of Chinese Language and Culture were part of the visiting group.

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