RUC holds International Symposium to compile the Chart of Commonly-Used 808 Chinese Characters in China, Japan and South Korea
(2013-11-06 16:11:47)

On Oct. 23 to 24, the Commonly-Used Chinese Characters in China, Japan and South Korea International Academic Symposium was held in RUC. Scholars at home and abroad were in attendance, including RUC former President Ji Baocheng, Vice President Chen Huilin, Professor Atsuji Tetsuji of Kyoto University,  Yamazaki Nobuo and Takagi Sumio of Japanese Kanji Proficiency Society,  Professor Taeha Jin, chair professor of  Inje University and chairman of the National Chinese Character Promotion Federation, Professor Li Quanzai, general director of South Korea Characters Education Research Association and Korean Teaching Central Research Association, and Professor Geng Youzhuang, Associate Professor Shen Shuzi, Associate Professor Zhao Tong, Associate Professor Wu Yonghuan of RUC Commonly-Used Chinese Characters research group. Members from Xinhua News Agency of China, Nikkei of Japan and Joong Ang Daily of the ROK attended the event.

Professor Ji Baocheng proposed to compile the Draft Chart of the Most Commonly-Used 800 Chinese Characters in China, Japan and South Korea on the fifth Forum on April, 2010. This proposal aimed to promote three countries’ cultural communication and common development, thus won the endorsement of the delegations of South Korea and Japan. Thereafter, three parties began to set up research groups respectively to conduct research on this topic. In China, the research group was led by Professor Ji Baochen and consisted of RUC experienced professors and experts. The Draft Chart of the Most Commonly-Used 800 Chinese Characters in China, Japan and South Korea was compiled under deliberative discussion.

On the Eighth Northeast Asia Trilateral Forum, July 8, Professor Ji Baocheng gave a systematic introduction to the Draft Chart of the Most Commonly-Used 800 Chinese Characters in China, Japan and South Korea, which was conducted by Chinese research group. The Daft gained endorsement and was approved by participants from three countries. This was one of the notable achievements in the forum. Ji then came up with another proposal that RUC would organize and lead a conference of experts from three countries in autumn to further discuss and interpret the Draft so that it would be officially passed on the 2014 Northeast Asia Trilateral Forum. All sides agreed the proposal and the conference was held as scheduled.

The conference was chaired by Professor Yang Huilin. Ji introduced to the research development, and emphasized the far-reaching profound significance of the research to deepen cultural communication between three countries. Associate Professor Zhao Tong demonstrated the selecting basis and standard of the chart and comments to revise the Draft. Professor Atsuji Tetsuji and Professor Taeha Jin gave an introduction to the research development of the group in their country, agreed with the Draft proposed by China and brought forward their opinions on the chart.

On the subsequent meeting, experts from three countries conducted discussion on adding and deleting characters verbatim. After continuous discussion and negotiation, all sides achieved an agreement and confirmed the Chart of the Most Commonly-Used 808 Chinese Characters in China, Japan and South Korea. The Chart was compiled in accordance with table of frequently used contemporary characters of China, Japan and South Korea. There are 801 characters from China, 7 of which are less frequently characters; 710 from Japan and 801 from South Korea. The Chart consists of general table and comparison table: the general table lists 808 traditional characters, sorted by Unicode; the comparison table lists and compares characters in three written languages.

11 experts from three countries signed and passed the Chart in final version, and Ji will submit it to the Ninth Forum for an official release. Additionally, experts conducted discussion on the promotion and application of commonly-used Chinese characters and expected to make continuous efforts on driving the study and dissemination of Chinese characters so as to contribute to all-dimensional communication among countries. Professor Taeha Jin worked out an inscription particularly as a present to Professor Ji Bao Cheng. Putting in English, the inscription was: rejuvenate Chinese character as friendship continuation of China, Japan and the ROK.


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